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Annales de Biologie Clinique

Annales de Biologie Clinique

Volume 77, issue 4, Juillet-Août 2019


Volume 77, issue 4, Juillet-Août 2019


Article Retours du congrès EuroMedLab 2019 (p.365)
Laurence Piéroni, Vincent Sapin

In memoriam

Article Professor Howard Morris, IFCC President (1946-2019) (p.366-7)


Article Biomedical tests outside the nomenclature in France: what are the priorities in nephrology? (p.368-70)
Jean-Paul Cristol

Article Measurement of glomerular filtration rate using a reference method (p.371-4)
Laurence Chardon, Laurence Dubourg, Chantal Barin-Le Guellec, Francis Guinard, Thierry Hannedouche, Jean-Michel Halimi, Christophe Mariat

Article Estimation of glomerular filtration rate using cystatin C (p.375-80)
Anne-Sophie Bargnoux, Yann Barguil, Etienne Cavalier, Jean-Paul Cristol

Article Urinary exploration of metabolism: nutrition assessment, urolithiasis and tubulopathy (p.381-9)
Christelle Machon, Anne-Sophie Bargnoux, Yann Barguil, Stéphanie Baron, Jean-Paul Cristol, Vincent Frochot

Article Dialysis monitoring: peritoneal equilibrium test, regional citrate anticoagulation and residual renal function (p.391-6)
Anne-Sophie Bargnoux, Yann Barguil, Eric Zaoui, Guillaume Jean, Jean-Paul Cristol

Article Usefulness of free light chain measurement in monoclonal gammopathy, other haematological malignancies and autoimmune diseases (p.397-406)
Camille Verebi, Alexis Talbot, Nicolas Gendron, Margarita Hurtado-Nedelec

Article Insights on glycated albumin (p.407-14)
Anne Hay-Lombardie, Saïd Kamel, Edith Bigot-Corbel

Article Biomarkers for acute mesenteric ischemia diagnosis: state of the art and perspectives (p.415-21)
Katell Peoc’h, Olivier Corcos

Original articles

Article Can the 72-hour rule based on “Blast/Abn Lymph” flag on Sysmex XN-10 optimize the workflow in hematology laboratory? (p.422-8)
Henry Paridaens, Lina Sabor, Joanna Simar, Emily Ronez, Edouard Cornet, Jean-Philippe Defour

Article Interactive pedagogic tools: evaluation of three assessment systems in medical education (p.429-35)
Guillaume Grzych, Susanna Schraen-Maschke

Current practices

Article Hyperthyroidism: acquired cause of an increase in haemoglobin A2 level (p.436-8)
Emmanuelle Stein, Delphine Gérard, Philippe Joly, Jean-François Lesesve, Julien Perrin

Article False paraprotein-induced hypoglycemia in the measurement of glucose by the hexokinase method (p.439-45)
Valentin Bossard, Ysé Sauvageon, François Fraissinet, Brigitte Dreyfus, Raphael Thuillier, Thierry Hauet

Immunoanalytical profiles

Article Evaluation of the Optilite® analyser for determination of total complement activity and C3 and C4 fractions (p.447-52)
Benoit Nespola, Hélène Comitogianni, Isabelle Jahn, Joëlle Goetz

Article Comparison of two kits of anti-infliximab antibodies plasmatic measurement (p.453-8)
Rim Charfi, Ines Mahmoud, Fatma Ben Salem, Myriam Moalla, Salma Bouden, Imen Sfar, Olfa Saïdane, Anis Klouz, Riadh Daghfous, Yousr Gorgi, Leila Abdelmoula, Sameh Trabelsi

Biological pictures

Article Atazanavir urolithiasis without recent intake of atazanavir (p.459-60)
Valery Brunel, Nathalie Massy, Benoit Malval

Article Auer rod-like inclusions in a monoclonal B lymphocytosis (p.461-3)
Astrid Engelman, Delphine Manzoni, Jean-Claude Bordet, Liliana Vila


Article Retour du congrès EuroMedLab des représentants de la SFBC (p.465-71)
Bruno Baudin, Guilaine Boursier, Vincent Delatour, Philippe Gillery, Bernard Gouget, Damien Gruson, Laurence Piéroni, Michel Vaubourdolle

Article Retour du congrès EuroMedLab par les internes Barcelone, 19-23 mai 2019 (p.473-8)
Aurore Desmous, Emma Galofaro, Mohamed Chtourou, Olivier Grunewald

Media review

Article Lu pour vous dans… (p.479-80)