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Annales de Biologie Clinique

Trisomy 13 by robertsonian translocation rob (13;13)(q10;q10) +13: about one case Volume 75, issue 6, Novembre-Décembre 2017


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1 Service de biologie médicale, Hôpital Louis Pasteur, Le Coudray, France
2 Centre de biologie et de cytogénétique médicales, Evreux, France
3 Service de gynécologie-obstétrique, Hôpital Louis Pasteur, Le Coudray, France

We are reporting a rare case of foetal trisomy 13 due to a robertsnonian translocation. Further to the study of both parents karyotypes, genetic councelling is advisable in order to assess the potential risk of trisomy that may occur during a future pregnancy.