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Ministerial Secretaries General and State reform. The case of the SG of the economic and financial ministres Volume 41, issue 1, janvier-mars 2024


a Chercheur associé au CEMS/EHESS
b Chercheur associé au CERGAM/Université Aix-Marseille
* Auteur correspondant : <marcel.guenoun@finances.gouv.fr>

The general secretaries of ministries are an important cog in the central administrative machinery, but remain relatively unexamined. Whether they are an essential link between politics and administration, or simply managers of ministerial support functions, the role, functioning and influence of general secretaries are indicators of the intensity of inter- and intra-ministerial coordination. By analyzing the evolution of the General Secretary of the French Ministry of Finances, this study shows that the mainsprings of this entity’s legitimization are based on both internal and external attributes.