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Collecting psychological signs in the diagnosis of skeletal dysmorphoses Volume 93, issue 1, Mars 2022 - 93e réunion scientifique Lille 2022 (2e partie) et varia

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If we must, in all cases, collect the psychological elements of the profile of our patients, in the case of skeletal dysmorphoses, the time of this information gathering is one of the most essential steps for therapeutic success. We must assess whether we are putting the patient at psychological risk, in the case of surgical correction of the bone bases, but these issues also exist in adult orthodontic treatments.

Material and Method

We will see how to organize the verbal exchange during the appointments and how to guide the patient in a human way, if a psychological risk appears to us. We will complete the study with “told” examples of psychotherapeutic management of major problems of recognition and acceptance after maxillofacial surgery.


Gathering psychological signs from patients seeking orthodontic care is the first step in the consultation. It is a prerequisite for the clinical examination and complementary tests and is equally essential for the success of the treatment.