Revue de neuropsychologie

Revue de neuropsychologie

Volume 13, issue 2, Avril-Mai-Juin 2021


Volume 13, issue 2, Avril-Mai-Juin 2021


Article Memory during Covid-19 (p.69)
Isabelle Pécou


En accès libre An issue written during a new lockdowm (p.71-2)

Free Access

Point de vue/Opinion

Article COVID-19: An analysis of the situation one year on, from intensive care units to child and adolescent psychiatry departments (p.73-82)
Julie Rolling, Walid Oulehri, Martin Roth

Article “It's not over until the fat lady sings” (p.83-7)
Denis Peschanski

Article Of digits and numbers: their use and misuses at the time of the coronavirus (p.88-91)
Jean-Luc Nespoulous, Francis Eustache

Article Living through the pandemic, naturally (p.92-5)
Catherine Thomas-Antérion

Article SARS-CoV-2 infection leads to short- and long-term neuropsychological disorders: current situation and clinical observations (p.96-8)
Philippe Voruz, Frédéric Assal, Julie Péron

Article COVID-19: These persistent smell disorders (p.99-101)
Anne-Marie Ergis

Article COVID-19, one year on: Who is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder? (p.102-4)
Amaury C. Mengin

Article Drug use in times of COVID-19 pandemic, should we be concerned? (p.105-7)
Mickael Naassila

Mini-revue/Short review

Article The impact of COVID-19 on mental health in university students: A mini-review of the current literature (p.108-10)
Oulmann Zerhouni, Valentin Flaudias, Georges Brousse, Mickael Naassila

Point de vue/Opinion

Article COVID year III: the psychiatrist's point of view (p.111-2)
Françoise Chastang, Pierre Gérard, Gérard Boittiaux

Article Life during lockdown for adults with disabilities in an Occupational Reception Center (p.113-5)
Marie-Loup Eustache-Vallée

Article Partnership with patients: the lessons learned from a pandemic (p.116-20)
Christine Bonardi, Brigitte Karcher, Graziella Colazzo, Adriaan Barbaroux, Eric Balez, Sylvane Faure, Arnaud Halloy, Luigi Flora

Article Physical activity and depression during the COVID-19 pandemic (p.121-3)
Robert Jaffard

Article Facing the pandemic and terrorism: Mental health, social support, and trust in times of crisis (p.124-6)
Lise Eilin Stene

Article Ultracrepidarianism, cognitive biases and COVID-19: Year 2, impact and return of knowledge (p.127-8)
Nicolas Villain

Article The vagaries of COVID-19 vaccination in the light of cognitive biases (p.129-32)
François Sellal, Geoffroy Hautecloque, Guido Ahle

Article original/Original article

Article PACOVID, a population-based survey on the effects of the lockdown and the pandemic on the elderly: Preliminary results (p.133-8)
Hélène Amieva, Alberto Avila-Funes, Valérie Bergua, Michèle Koleck, Luc Letenneur, Camille Ouvrard-Brouillou, Nicole Rascle, Maturin Tabue-Teguo, Karine Pérès

Article COMPAs and emotional communication in a context of extreme isolation and dementia (p.139-43)
Ana Inés Ansaldo, Barbara Delacourt, Catherine Dubé, Emelia Lázaro García, Edith Durand

Article Group neuropsychology tele-rehabilitation for older adults with mild cognitive impairments in the context of COVID-19 pandemic (p.144-5)
Benedetta Leidi-Maimone, Mélanie Bieler-Aeschlimann, Sophie Bugnon, Jean François Démonet, Andrea Brioschi-Guevara

Article Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on data collection in human research (p.146-7)
Grégoria Kalpouzos

Article Fear of tracing – tracing of fear (p.148-52)
Jean-Gabriel Ganascia

Article The Kentish plover return (p.153-6)
Francis Eustache

Vie de la SNLF/News of the SNLF

Article News and forthcoming events of SNLF (p.157-8)
Hélène Amieva