Revue de neuropsychologie

Revue de neuropsychologie

Volume 16, issue 2, Avril-Mai-Juin 2024


Volume 16, issue 2, Avril-Mai-Juin 2024


En accès libre Rehabilitation of disorders and support for patients: Innovations, evaluation of practices, and theoretical support (p.75-6)
Mickaël Laisney rédacteur-en-chef
Free Access

Article original

Article Working memory in deaf children with cochlear implants using different language rehabilitation approaches (p.77-87)
Lucie Van Bogaert, Laura Machart, Silvain Gerber, Anne Vilain, Hélène Lœvenbruck

Article Inner language training in speech therapy for anomia in post-stroke aphasic patients: A pilot study (p.89-101)
Julie Maillard, Clémence Pitel, Ingrid Harivel Oualli, Hélène Lœvenbruck

Article méthodologique

Article Using virtual reality to rehabilitate autobiographical memory: Presentation of a research protocol (p.103-8)
Aurore Di Costanzo, Jean-Daniel Aillaud, Katarina Pavic, Thierry Gricourt, Bernard Diadema, Lilit Marsoubian, Bernard François Michel

Article original

Article Meaningful activities in people with major neurocognitive disorders living in institutions: the importance of social activities (p.109-14)
Marie Sendra, Océane Pic, Hélène Amieva

Article de synthèse

Article Play, games, and Self: How play and music support the identity of Ehpad residents (p.115-27)
Clémence Lelaumier, Hervé Platel, Jean-François Orianne


Article Identity and Alzheimer’s disease (p.129-34)
Clémence Lelaumier, Hervé Platel, Jean-François Orianne

Vie de la SNLF

Article News and forthcoming events of SNLF (p.135-6)
Hélène Amieva