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Revue de neuropsychologie

Revue de neuropsychologie

Volume 14, issue 4, Volume 14, numéro 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2022

Séminaire J.L. Signoret - À la recherche du temps… en neuropsychologie

Dossier coordonné par Thomas Hinault


Volume 14, issue 4, Volume 14, numéro 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2022


En accès libre In search of time… In neuropsychology (p.231)
Thomas Hinault
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Article de synthèse/Review

Article Perception and representation of time: A historical perspective (p.233-43)
Sylvie Droit-Volet

Mini-revues/Short reviews

Article The time of remembering (p.244-6)
Arnaud d’Argembeau

Article Toward a neuropsychology of time: Evaluation of personal temporality in the context of a neuropsychological assessment in pathological aging (p.247-9)
Valentina La Corte, Pascale Piolino

Article Neuropsychology of musical rhythm: Mechanisms and clinical applications (p.251-6)
Hervé Platel, Clémence Lelaumier, Mathilde Groussard

Articles de synthèse/Reviews

Article Cognitive time and brain communications with aging (p.257-61)
Thomas Hinault

Article Perception and production of short temporal intervals during the neonatal period: A comparison of the fetal period and prematurity (p.263-8)
Joëlle Provasi

Article The key role of simultaneity in memory mechanisms: A dialogue between psychoanalysis, philosophy, and neuroscience (p.269-75)
Jessica Tran The

Point de vue/Point of view

En accès libre From Proust to Ernaux: Memory and time (p.277-81)
Isabelle Serça, Francis Eustache
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Article de synthèse/Review

Article Developing innovative tasks for exploring temporal processes in schizophrenia (p.283-9)
Anne Giersch

Mini-revue/Short review

Article Time lost and found in neurological practice (p.291-4)
Catherine Thomas-Anterion

Article de synthèse/Review

Article The singularity of mental time travel in post-traumatic stress disorder (p.295-8)
Laura Charretier, Francis Eustache, Peggy Quinette

Vie de la SNLF/News of the SNLF

Article News and forthcoming events of SNLF (p.299)
Hélène Amieva