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Revue de neuropsychologie

Revue de neuropsychologie

Volume 12, issue 2, Avril-Mai-Juin 2020


Volume 12, issue 2, Avril-Mai-Juin 2020


Article Memory and COVID-19 (p.105)
Isabelle Pécou


En accès libre An issue written during lockdown (p.107-9)
Francis Eustache, Béatrice Desgranges, Fausto Viader
Free Access

Le contexte

Article Today's World at a Crossroad (How to live at the coronavirus time) (p.110-4)
Marc Crépon

Article COVID-19 : Reflections on the intensive care of patients and medico-psychological support for caregivers in Strasbourg, France (p.115-21)
Walid Oulehri, Julie Rolling

Article A social neuroscience perspective on the power of friendship and interpersonal relationships (p.122-7)
Jean Decety

En accès libre “Do you think we’ll remember it?” Collective memory of COVID-19 (p.128-31)
Denis Peschanski
Open Access

Article Post-traumatic stress disorder and COVID-19 (p.132-4)
Jean-Gabriel Ganascia

Article Reflections on confinement Historical, behavioral, neuropsychiatric and ethical aspects (p.135-9)
Frédérique Gignoux-Froment, Isabelle Régner, Xuan-Thuy Nguyen, Jacques Antonetti, Sébastien Beaume, Michael Moris, Olivier Pascal, Frédéric Paul, Jean-Jacques Portier, Delphine Terrier, Henry Zattara, Alain Drouet, Bernard François Michel

Les enfants

Article The effect that an extraordinary context has on altruism in children (p.140-2)
Lucie Rose, Klara Kovarski, Florent Caetta, Sylvie Chokron

Article From the impact of lockdown on the professional practice of the child welfare psychologist to its effects in families (p.143-7)
Julie Sénécal, Valérie Martin

Article Children facing precarity due to the crisis (p.148-9)
Lise Eilin Stene

Article Lockdown: Making us rethink the principles of caring for autistic children (p.150-1)
Olivier Brisson, Laurent Mottron

Article The contribution of teleconsultation to the neuropsychological assessment of children (p.152-4)
Sylvie Chokron

Les aînés

Article The elderly in lockdown and the COVID-19 crisis: Between fragility and resilience (p.155-7)
Hélène Amieva, Marion Pech

Article Maintaining communication in extreme isolation during a COVID-19 pandemic: The importance of the emotional component (p.158-60)
Ana Inés Ansaldo

Article Aging during and after the great lockdown (p.161-3)
Sylvie Belleville, Ana Inés Ansaldo, Mylene Aubertin-Leheudre, Nathalie Bier, Thien Thanh Dang Vu, Pierre Rainville

Article Elderly people in lockdown: Protection or ageism? (p.164-5)
Isabelle Rouleau

Article A cognitive-behavioral unit during lockdown : How our therapeutic garden bridges interactions and social distancing (p.166-9)
Christel Jacob, Emeline Nassau, Reinhard Fescharek, Thérèse Rivasseau Jonveaux

Article Live a period of lockdown for Alzheimer's patients in nursing homes (p.171-4)
Marie-Loup Eustache-Vallée

Article The relationship to the other in memory consultations: What remains of our paradigms? (p.175-7)
Pascale Gerardin, Aline Rahnema, Thérèse Rivasseau Jonveaux

Article Tele-neuropsychology, older patients and Covid-19 pandemic (p.178-80)
Thomas Genoud-Prachex, Matthieu Paul Perrenoud, Andrea Brioschi-Guevara, Charlène Moser, Mélanie Bieler-Aeschlimann, Olivier Rouaud, Jean-François Démonet

Le regard des neurosciences

Article Teleneuropsychology: A clinical practice of tomorrow in neuropsychology? (p.181-3)
Philippe Allain, Philippe Azouvi, Claire Vallat-Azouvi

Article I can no longer stand the smell of smoked salmon (p.184-6)
Anne-Marie Ergis

Article Are there any neuropsychological sequelae of SARS-CoV-2? (p.187-90)
Philippe Voruz, Frédéric Assal, Julie Péron

Article Neuropsychology at the time of the health crisis caused by Covid-19 (p.191-2)
Martine Roussel

Article The psychological impact of the Covid-19 epidemic and the lockdown on cancer patients (p.193-5)
Bénédicte Giffard, Florence Joly

Article Could confinement foster the emergence of traumatic or psychotic symptoms? (p.196-203)
Mélissa C. Allé, Fabrice Berna, Pierre Vidailhet, Anne Giersch, Amaury C. Mengin

Article COVID-19 and suicide attempts: Lessons from a pandemic (p.205-6)
Françoise Chastang, Pierre Gérard, Alexandre Makdassi, Louise Collonge, Gérard Boittiaux

Article Alcohol and lockdown: A potentially explosive cocktail (p.207-9)
Nicolas Cabé, Céline Boudehent, Julien Cabé, Anne Lise Pitel

Article On lockdown: Social homeostasis or the rewarding nature of social contact (p.210-2)
Robert Jaffard

Article An ethologist in lockdown (p.213-5)
Ludovic Dickel

Aujourd’hui et demain

En accès libre Ultracrepidarianism, cognitive biases, and COVID-19 (p.216-7)
Nicolas Villain
Open Access

Article The COVID-19 epidemic and cognitive bias (p.218-20)
François Sellal, Geoffroy Hautecloque

Article Epidemiology of fake news in the age of digital transition (p.221-2)
Pascal Huguet, Clément Belletier, Johann Chevalère, Natalia Martinelli, Sandrine Gil, Sylvie Droit-Volet

Article “Normality” revisited: An encounter with the pangolin (p.223-4)
Mira Didic

Article Me and the hierarchy of different selves during lockdown (p.225-8)
Catherine Thomas-Antérion

Article No lockdown: The experience of a researcher in the neuropsychology of aging in Sweden during the COVID-19 outbreak (p.229-31)
Grégoria Kalpouzos

Article Polyphonies about the challenges of a partnership with patients in times of COVID-19 (p.232-7)
Sylvane Faure, Arnaud Halloy, Brigitte Karcher, Luigi Flora, Graziella Colazzo, Adriaan Barbaroux, Eric Balez, Christine Bonardi

En accès libre Future thinking during lockdown (p.238-9)
Arnaud D’Argembeau
Open Access

Article Ethics and Scientific Integrity at the Time of Covid-19 (p.240-2)
Jean-Gabriel Ganascia

Article Contextualizing mourning in a disrupted funeral rituality (p.243-6)
Gaëlle Clavandier

En accès libre Warning (p.247-8)
Bernard Stiegler
Free Access

Article Coming together to plan the world after a crisis that has only just begun (p.249-50)
Emmanuel Hirsch

Article The kentish plover is becoming serene (p.251-4)
Francis Eustache

Vie de la SNLF

Article News and forthcoming events of SNLF (p.255)
Hélène Amieva