Revue de neuropsychologie


Aging and strategic variations Volume 2, issue 2, juin 2010


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Université de Provence, 3 place Victor-Hugo, 13331 Marseille ; et CNRS

The paper reviews findings on aging and strategic variations. In particular, it provides an overview on which conditions the strategy perspective enables progress in further our understanding of cognitive aging and mechanisms underlying age-related changes in cognitive performance. We propose to distinguish among several strategy dimensions to investigate cognitive aging (strategy repertoire, distribution, execution, and selection). This enables to reconcile conflicting results in the literature. Moreover, appropriate research method (like the choice/no-choice method) enables to independently and with no biases assess different strategic aspects of people's performance and their changes with age. We illustrate such benefits with some of our findings from studies on arithmetic problem solving and discuss how such results easily generalize to other cognitive domains.