Revue de neuropsychologie


Memory, amnesias and the frontal lobes Volume 6, issue 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2014

CHU Côte-de-Nacre,
Laboratoire de neuropsychologie,
Inserm U1077,
14033 Caen cedex,
* Correspondance.

Memory processes, notably episodic memory, are classically subtended by the hippocampus and more broadly by the medial temporal lobe. However, a larger cerebral network underpins memory processes and, in this context, the contribution of the frontal lobes has frequently been pointed out. Their roles have been specified by studies using functional brain imaging in healthy subjects and in different memory diseases. This brief review exposes the main conclusions of recent studies with a particular emphasis on older subjects, as well as amnesic patients of different etiologies.