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Raising awareness of child abuse screening among professionals Volume 24, issue 2, April-May-June 2022


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Correspondance : C. Gueguen

It is essential to raise pediatricians and general practitioners’ awareness to screening for abuse (negligence, physical, emotional and sexual abuse), because abuse is still underdiagnosed. However, abuse is very common and extremely harmful to the development of the child.

It is adults in a situation of vulnerability who are most likely to be ill-treated and very young children, premature children, disabled children, carriers of chronic diseases are more frequently abused.

There are no specific signs of abuse, but professionals must be vigilant in the face of fractures, bruises, behavioral problems, learning difficulties.

Faced with a child suspected of being abused, it is essential that pediatricians and general practitioners know how to conduct an interview with the parent and the child and know the reporting procedures.