Médecine de la Reproduction

Médecine de la Reproduction

Volume 25, issue 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2023

L’accompagnement psychologique en médecine de la reproduction


Volume 25, issue 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2023


Article Thinking about psychological support for patients and medical-psychological collaboration: the medical point of view (p.372-5)
Mehdi Benchaib

Article Procreating without another (p.376-81)
François Ansermet, Nouria Gründler

Article Evaluating a parental project: a possible mission? (p.382-8)
Albert Ciccone

Article Welcoming donors under the new bioethics law (p.389-94)
Nadjet Nouri, Rose Marie Quéré le Goff, Louis Bujan

Article Transidentity and parenthood: counselling both, thinking together (p.395-401)
Marine Godard, Bérengère Ducrocq, François Medjkane

Article The organisation of psychosocial counselling in Belgian ART centres (p.402-13)
Lize Leunens

Article Psycho-social support for infertility and people undergoing ART: a need to be recognized and proposals to be developed (p.414-23)
Virginie Rio

Article The psychological suffering of infertile men undergoing medically assisted procreation (p.424-31)
Kevin Hiridjee

Article original

Article Link beetween body mass index and semen parameters, a retrospective study from January 2015 to September 2021 (p.432-42)
Camille Pierrot, Béatrice Delphine, Pauline Lugassy


Article Modèles embryonnaires ou « embryoïdes » humains Aspects scientifiques et techniques (p.443-52)
Jacqueline Mandelbaum, Jean-François Guérin