Médecine de la Reproduction


Proteomics of follicular fluid and oocyte Volume 14, issue 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2012

CHU et UFR de Médecine, université de Picardie-Jules-Verne, laboratoire d’AMP et de cytogénétique, 80000 Amiens, France, Clinique des Iris, laboratoire IRIFIV, Casablanca, Maroc, Laboratoire Eylau/Unilabs, 75116 Paris, France, ATL R&D reproductive biology & genetics, 6, rue Louis Lormand, 78320 La Verrière, France

Since the development of assisted reproductive technology techniques, the potential contribution of genomics, transcriptonics and proteomics disorders on IVF cycles failure were reported in the literature. Different technical approaches were applied to investigate the genome expression, whole proteome profiling of follicular fluid or of the oocyte itself specially in animal model. The studies results regenerate a wide range of information from follicular fluid and oocyte, but still didn’t conclude for an ideal profile to predict the best oocyte and embryo suitable for implantation on parallel to the endometrium receptivity competency. For better management of infertile couples, the identification of specific markers from the follicular fluid, the oocyte and the endometrium will become probably very informative for better investigation and therapeutic treatment in the future