Digital healthcare territories innovations Volume 12, issue 1, Janvier 2016


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DMG - Université de Bordeaux
2 Professeur de médecine générale
UFR Santé Université de La Réunion
3 Interne en TCEM 3
DMG -Université de Bordeaux
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General practitioners have faced technological changes in their practice since 1996 as part of the computerization of the health system. The new computerized medical record enabled remote transmission, constrained by the conventional system. The Shared Medical Record (DMP) has not met a real success. The expansion of these two developments was issued after experimentation and from pilot sites. If secure messaging becomes operational today, simplicity is not there, and service to the patient remains hardly visible.

These tools were implemented to give a better management for the patient and the health insurance funds but were unable to meet the challenges of an equal access to health care, or the increasing burden of chronic diseases and complex situations. Organizational innovations brought by the digital world still remained a challenge!