Acute alcoholic intoxication or alcoholic drunkenness Volume 13, issue 6, Juin 2017

1 Unité d’Addictologie, CH les Chanaux, 350 Bd L Escande, 71018 Mâcon Cedex
2 Département santé vieillissement, Institut de Psychologie, Université Lyon 2 (Lumière), 5 Av P Mendes-France, 69500 Bron, France
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Acute alcoholic intoxication (AAI) is common in general medical practice, emergency medicine and sometimes in addictology. AAI is modeled between simple forms (succeeding psychomotor excitation, intoxication and then coma) and pathological forms. In most cases spontaneously resulting in favorable evolution, AAI can result in numerous complications that must be known to treat them early. The care of the AAI is symptomatic at first, sometimes taking place at hospital. The care is followed by the proposal of a meeting the day after drunkenness, which is useful and recommended. The place of any caregiver is then possible, including general practitioner to assess the relation with alcohol, to seek associated addictions and to support the referral to specialized care when they are needed.