Vaccines for tomorrow Volume 13, issue 3, Mars 2017

Université Paris Descartes
Sorbonne Paris Cité ; Inserm, CIC 1417 et F-CRIN I-REIVAC ; AP-HP
Fédération d’infectiologie
Hôpital Cochin, Paris
CIC Cochin Pasteur
27, rue du Faubourg Saint-Jacques
75679 Paris Cedex 14
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The development of new vaccines and better use of the vaccines already available are an important issue to reduce morbidity-mortality related to infections and resistance to anti-infectives. Current approachs involve the development of new vaccines but also the improvement of the immunogenicity, efficacy, comfort and safety of existing vaccines. Research focuses on the development of new vaccine technologies, new adjuvants and the evaluation of immunization pathways other than intramuscular or subcutaneous vaccination, as well as on personalized immunization strategies such as vaccination of pregnant women to protect the infant, protection of frails persons (immunocompromised, elderly) and the prevention of health-related infections.