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“Is there a doctor around?” Medical doctors’ depletion of their will to do well Volume 14, issue 3, Mars 2018


1 Médecin généraliste, Médecin de Santé Publique. Pôle santé atlans, 94250 Gentilly
2 Socio-économiste, Laboratoire R.I.T.M, Faculté Jean Monnet, 92230 Sceaux
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How can the doctor's professional identity be a source of exhaustion? Our hypothesis is that the tiredness which medical doctors feel does not comes only from a strenuous job but also from the burden of having to constantly assume a heroic image. This is what we will explore in this article. First, we will look for the genesis of this image, by questioning the “hidden curriculum” of the general practitioners, but also their relation to the terms of the oath of Hippocrates. Thereafter, using a goffmanian perspective, we will describe the dramaturgy of this tension, revealed by the situation where, while he/she is at rest, the practitioner is challenged by the classic announcement: “Is there a doctor around?” Finally, we will show how doctors try to cope with this tension by adopting rules of life that often comes down to symbolic protection rituals.

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