Misuse of pregabalin Volume 18, issue 4, April 2022

1 Université Jean Monnet, Faculté de Médecine Jacques Lisfranc, Campus Santé Innovations, 42270 Saint-Priest en Jarez
2 Hospices Civils de Lyon, Service Universitaire d’Addictologie Lyonnais (SUAL), CSAPA de l’hôpital Édouard Herriot, 69003 Lyon
* Correspondance : R. Charles

The misuse and addictive potential of pregabalin (PGB) were discovered about ten years ago. In France, more and more signals from addictovigilance services testify to its misuse, especially in the context of polyconsumption. Based on an evaluation of the prevalence of BMP use among patients newly admitted to an outpatient addiction treatment center (CSAPA) in Lyon, this article attempts to provide better guidelines for primary care practice: initial prescription and prevention of misuse, danger of association with synthetic opioids, prescription of naloxone kits.