CPD change of abbreviation or change of nature? Volume 9, issue 2, février 2013


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Société Française de Documentation et de Recherche en Médecine Générale

The cyclical or spiral picture of continuing professional development reflects the permanent expandability of the scientific knowledge. This model has strengths and weaknesses that need to renew the conceptual framework itself, gradually moving from a “descending” model (application of knowledge built on research) to an “ascending” model (reflection in and on action): it should be able to learn lessons to share and collectively evaluate the effectiveness, from “node to node” of a “spider web” that progresses to infinity. The interest of a DPC so defined is that of building a real-time evolutionary basis of data actually “factual”. Reflective CPD cycle simply formalizes the everyday lives of doctors when they use their implicit knowledge. That it translates into more effective practice remains to be seen, but the method seems promising.