Innovations & Thérapeutiques en Oncologie

Innovations & Thérapeutiques en Oncologie

Volume 8, issue 6, November-December 2022


Volume 8, issue 6, November-December 2022


Article Governance of anti-cancer centers: a co-management medical and administrative model to experiment for public hospital in crisis of meaning (p.277-8)
Emmanuel Barranger

Humeur/Opinion Column

Article Hide this word that I dare not see! (p.279-81)
Jacques Robert

Sélection et décryptage/Comments and Analysis

Article Comments and analysis (p.283-94)
Patricia de Cremoux, Jacques Robert

Expériences cliniques innovantes/Innovating Clinical Researches

Article Cancer of unknown primary: a national multidisciplinary consultation board for diagnostic and therapeutic orientation (p.295-8)
Nicolas Jacquin, Maud Kamal, Christophe Le Tourneau, Sarah Watson

Article Cessation of tyrosine kinase inhibitors for chronic myeloid leukaemia: from remission without treatment to functional cure (p.299-306)
François-Xavier Mahon

Compte rendu de congrès/Congress Report

Article Management of metastatic breast cancer over-expressing HER2 with or without cerebral metastasis (p.307-13)
Romain Levard

Les biotechs au cœur de l’innovation/Biotechs and Innovation

En accès libre ProTcell: A platform for cellular therapy to rearm the immune system against cancer and infections based on the power of the thymus (p.315-20)
Aurélie Bauquet, Oliver Negre
Open Access


Article Interview. French comprehensive cancer centers: an agile and virtuous management model (p.321-2)
Sophie Beaupère