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Innovations & Thérapeutiques en Oncologie

Innovations & Thérapeutiques en Oncologie

Volume 5, issue 2, March-April 2019


Volume 5, issue 2, March-April 2019


En accès libre Some words about biosimilar drugs (p.53-4)
Patricia de Cremoux
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Sélection et décryptage/Comments and Analysis

Article Comments and analysis (p.55-63)
Jacques Robert

Dossier : Congrès IFODS/IFODS Congress

En accès libre IFODS: a transversal, multidisciplinary and topical approach in the field of oncology (p.65)
Jean-Philippe Spano
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Article IFODS abstracts (p.66-87)

Article Immunotherapy and ovarian carcinoma (p.89-92)
Olivia Le Saux, Bertrand Dubois, Marc-Henri Stern, Magali Terme, Eric Tartour, Christophe Caux, Isabelle Ray-Coquard

Article Resistance to PARP inhibitors (p.93-5)
Manuel Rodrigues, Elodie Manié, Paul Cottu, Sophie Frank, Audrey Bellesoeur, Guillaume Bataillon, Tatiana Popova, Marc-Henri Stern

Article The use of host genetic markers for immunotherapy (p.96-8)
Sadal Refae, Jocelyn Gal, Patrick Brest, Gérard Milano

Article The role of pharmacists in CAR-T cell management (p.99-101)
Carole Metz, Meriem Dhib-Charfi, Patrick Tilleul, Fanny Charbonnier-Beaupel

Article Managing patients with advanced cutaneous cancers (p.103-8)
Barouyr Baroudjian, Cécile Pagès, Ouidad Zehou, Emilie Routier, Florence Brunet-Posenti, Philippe Saiag, Céleste Lebbé

Article Combining immunotherapy and radiotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer: state of the art in 2019 (p.109-14)
Hajar Kaiss, Hind Sami, Françoise Mornex

Article Emerging and current therapeutic approaches in head and neck cancer (HPV+ and HPV-) (p.115-25)
Arnaud Beddok, Chloé Bertolus, Valentin Calugaru, Jean-Philippe Foy, Florence Huguet, Maud Le Guyader, Philippe Maingon, Henri Plais, Esma Saada-Bouzid, Juliette Thariat