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Diagnostic approach of cystic pancreatic tumors Volume 26, issue 8, Octobre 2019


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Pancreatic cysts are increasingly identified because of the widespread use of high-resolution abdominal imaging. They encompass a large spectrum, from malignant disease to benign lesions. Therefore, accurate diagnosis is crucial to determine the best management strategy. However, current standard of diagnosis is the most frequently not specific enough due to limitations on imaging and tissue sampling techniques. This entails the risk of unnecessary burdensome surgery for benign lesions or missed opportunities of preventive surgery for potentially malignant pancreatic cysts. In the last decade, new tests, including simple analysis as string test or more complex procedures associated with EUS-guided puncture (confocal microscopy, intracystic DNA analysis…) have emerged, allowing to overcome present limitations. This mini review aims to analyse the interest of these new tools and to describe the most specific criteria to characterize accurately the pancreatic cystic lesions.

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