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Feasibility and acceptability of a self-measurement using a portable bioelectrical impedance analysis, by the patient with chronic heart failure, in acute decompensated heart failure Volume 16, issue 2, Juin 2018


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1 Service de cardiologie, Fondation Hôpital Ambroise Paré/Hôpital Européen, Marseille, France
2 Institut SIlvermed, Centre gérontologique départemental, Marseille, France
3 Unité de soins et de recherche en médecine interne et maladies infectieuses, Fondation Hôpital Ambroise Paré/Hôpital Européen, Marseille, France
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Chronic heart failure (CHF) is a major public health matter. Mainly affecting the elderly, it is responsible for a high rate of hospitalization due to the frequency of acute heart failure (ADHF). This represents a disabling pathology for the patient and very costly for the health care system. Our study is designed to assess a connected and portable bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) that could reduce these hospitalizations by preventing early ADHF. Methods: This prospective study included patients hospitalized in cardiology for ADHF. Patients achieved 3 self-measurements using the BIA during their hospitalization and answered a questionnaire evaluating the acceptability of this self-measurement. The results of these measures were compared with the clinical, biological and echocardiographic criteria of patients at the same time. Results: Twenty-three patients were included, the self-measurement during the overall duration of the hospitalization was conducted autonomously by more than 80% of the patients. The acceptability (90%) for the use of the portable BIA was excellent. Some correlations were statistically significant, such as the total water difference to the weight difference (p=0.001). There were common trends between the variation of impedance analysis measures and other evaluation criteria. Conclusion: The feasibility and acceptability of a self-measurement of bioelectrical impedance analysis by the patient in AHF opens up major prospects in the management of monitoring patients in CHF. The interest of this tool is the prevention of ADHF leading to hospitalization or re-hospitalizations now requires to be presented by new studies.