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Disinfectants in a “One health” perspective Volume 21, issue 3, Mai-Juin 2022

Université de Lorraine, Faculté de médecine de Nancy, Département environnement et santé publique, 25, boulevard Joffre, 54000 Nancy, France
Tirés à part : P. Hartemann

Article previously published in Humanité et Biodiversité magazine 7 and republished with its agreement.


Disinfectant use is rapidly increasing, due in particular to the Covid-19 pandemic. Its negative consequences, including toxicity, emergence of “tolerant” or resistant bacterial strains and antimicrobial resistance, have now been clearly demonstrated for both human and environmental health. One of the objectives of the European Biocides Directive, which now regulates their marketing authorization, is to encourage reasonable use of disinfectants as part of the “One health” approach. Adequate training is required for prescribers, together with information for consumers and users who also must know when and when not to use them.