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Health impact assessment of the Lubrizol/NL Logistique fire. A survey by the Rouen-Respire association Volume 20, issue 2, March-April 2021

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On September 26, 2019, a huge fire destroyed part of the industrial sites of Lubrizol and NL Logistique, causing an extensive plume of smoke and foul odors.

Faced with silence from the authorities, the citizens in the Rouen Respire health association initiated the first announced health survey on this subject.

The results published in May 2020 show a significant short- and medium-term health impact: anxiety, respiratory disorders, and ENT irritation, associated with exposure to pollutants, aggravation of pre-existing chronic illnesses, need for medical treatments, and behavioral changes, with citizens experiencing a high level of dissatisfaction with the official response.

It is feared that the CMR substances and the asbestos emitted by the fire may have long-term health consequences. To dispel any doubt, the region urgently needs to set up registers of congenital malformations and cancers, monitoring of chronic illnesses, and biomonitoring of certain toxins in the fire's chemical signature.