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Environnement, Risques & Santé


Children of the biosphere, exiles of the Anthropocene. Mental health and environmental crisis Volume 20, issue 3, May-June 2021

1 Psychanalyste
4, rue de la Faucille
1201 Genève
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The author takes a psychoanalytical approach to the fact that mental health is currently under pressure from the environmental crisis, of which the coronavirus pandemic is one manifestation. People are also unconsciously traumatized by the moral injury of feeling betrayed by methods of governance that idealize indecent consumerism and hide the truth of the environmental crisis, that “speak” of energy transition while “doing nothing” decisive, that force people to live in a world that is beyond ordinary decency and any feelings of goodwill toward other living species. Under this pressure, everyone breaks down along his or her own psychological fault lines.