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Emergency crisis anticipation for large storage fires involving multiproduct stocks. Lessons learnt from the Lubrizol/NL Logistique case study Volume 20, issue 2, March-April 2021


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The Lubrizol/NL Logistique fire took place in the storage facility of the Lubrizol plant specialized in manufacturing lubricant additives close to the city of Rouen in September 2019. It triggered a significant crisis due to the 22 km-long visible fire plume that drifted over the town and induced temporary consequences over 100 km from the fire source. This paper focuses on a holistic analysis of major fire scenarios involving numerous products stored throughout their industrial life in warehouses or other storage premises, from manufacturer to end user. It covers the emergency crisis management and related demands and includes the available technical data. It also shows the lessons to be drawn from the Lubrizol case to improve operational anticipation of these rare but potentially highly impactful events, in terms of health, environmental, and sanitary issues, both in the short term from emission release to complete extinction and later, induced by post-exposure effects and all types of transfers to the environment.