John Libbey Eurotext

Volume 3, special issue 3, Numéro spécial, December 2001

5e Interfaces Glaxo Smith Kline 2001 : odysée de l'EEG Vérone, Italie - 2 et 3 mars 2001

En accès libre Editorial A brief history of EEG analysis before the 2001 odyssey (p.7-10)
Jean Gotman
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En accès libre Dipole modeling of interictal and ictal EEG and MEG paroxysms (p.11-36)
Isabelle Merlet
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En accès libre Influence of the critical EEG pattern on blood flow variations measured by single photon computed emission tomography (p.37-43)
Arnaud Biraben, A. Bernard, Eric Seigneret, Jean-Marie Scarabin
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En accès libre Localization of distributed sources and comparison with functional MRI (p.45-58)
Göran Lantz, Laurent Spinelli, Rolando Grave de Peralta Menendez, Margitta Seeck, Christoph M. Michel
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En accès libre Event-related variations in the activity of EEG-rhythms. Application to the physiology and the pathology of movements. (p.59-66)
William Szurhaj, Etienne Labyt, Jean-Louis Bourriez, François Cassim, Luc Defebvre, Jean-Jacques Hauser, Jean-Daniel Guieu, Philippe Derambure
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En accès libre Modeling EEG signals and interpreting measures of relationship during temporal-lobe seizures: an approach to the study of epileptogenic networks (p.67-78)
Fabrice Wendling, Fabrice Bartolomei
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En accès libre Seizure anticipation by non-linear EEG analysis (p.79-90)
Michel Le Van Quyen
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En accès libre Synchrony, from cognition to seizure (p.91-8)
Jack R. Foucher
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