John Libbey Eurotext

Video/EEG findings in a KCNQ2 epileptic encephalopathy: a case report and revision of literature data Volume 15, issue 2, June 2013


"The episode is characterised by right eye and head deviation, associated with upper limb hypertonus. Twenty seconds later, the patient shifts head and gaze towards the left, while hypertonus is maintained. The EEG shows an initial train of fast, low-voltage activity originating from the left frontal regions which gives way to a high-voltage, spike-wave activity involving the left hemisphere. Together with persistent upper limb hypertonus, bilateral eyelid myoclonias also appear, in association with an increase in respiratory frequency which is maintained until the end of the seizure. Asynchronous, bilateral, clonic jerks of the upper limbs are also evident. At this point, the EEG is characterised by high-voltage, spike-wave complexes which diffuse from the left to the right hemisphere and then give way to a right-sided, alpha-like activity. "

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