Epileptic Disorders


Ictal fear during parietal seizures Volume 23, issue 5, October 2021


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1 APHM, Timone hospital, Epileptology department, Marseille, France
2 Neurology Department, Giresun University Education and Research Hospital, Giresun, Turkey
3 Aix Marseille Univ, INSERM, INS, Inst Neurosci Syst, Marseille, France
4 APHM, Timone Hospital, Functional and Stereotactical Neurosurgery Department, Marseille, 13005, France
* Correspondence: Fabrice Bartolomei, Epileptology Department, CHU Timone, 264 Rue Saint-Pierre, 13005, Marseille, France

Ictal fear is characterized by a subjective sensation of fear and consistent clinical manifestations during seizures. This phenomenon is rarely observed in parietal seizures. We report anatomical electroclinical correlations between an SEEG-recorded seizure and prominent fear semiology. The seizure onset zone was quantified using the Connectivity Epileptogenicity Index (cEI) method. Occurrence of fear during seizures was related to the involvement of the left inferior parietal cortex and the superior temporal gyrus without amygdala involvement. Our case confirms that parietal seizures can produce ictal fear without concomitant involvement of the limbic temporal network.