European Cytokine Network

European Cytokine Network

European Cytokine Network is an electronic journal that publishes original articles and abstracts every quarter to provide an essential bridge between researchers and clinicians with an interest in this cutting-edge field.

It has become a must-read for specialists in the field thanks to its swift publication and international circulation.

The journal is referenced in several databases, including Medline, which is testament to its scientific quality.


Editorial policy

Here you will find all JLE policies regarding publication in our journals. JLE journals follow the recommendations of the ICMJE (International Committee of Medical Journal Editors). These guidelines are the reference for best practices and ethical standards for the conduct and presentation of research and other information published in medical journals.


Version française de notre politique éditoriale


Transmission of original manuscripts

Manuscript can be either submited by e-mail (text, bibliography, tables and legends to figure should be in Word format; Digital Figures should be in Word, or JPEG, or GIF, or PDF files), sent to DF e-mail address:


Institut Cochin, INSERM 567, CNRS 8104, Univ Paris Descartes

Pavillon Hardy A, Hôpital Cochin

Rue du Fbg. Saint Jacques

75674 Paris Cedex 14, FRANCE

Tél: (+00 33) 1 43 26 11 52 ;

e-mail: didier.fradelizi@inserm.fr

Upon submission of a paper to European Cytokine Network it is understood that it represents original unpublished work, that it is not being considered elsewhere for publication, and that if accepted for publication, it will not be published elsewhere in the same form, in any language, without the consent of Editors and Publisher. The assumption will be that the author has obtained all necessary permission to include in the paper all items such as quotations, figures, tables, results of government-sponsored research, etc.

Authorship should be limited to those who have contributed substantially to the work. The corresponding author must have obtained permission from all authors for the submission of each version of the paper and for any change in authorship.

All authors and members must disclose any commercial association that might pose a conflict of interest in connection with the manuscript. All funding sources supporting the work must be acknowledged.

Papers which report experiments involving human subjects or material, must include authorizing documents. When submitting reports involving recombinant DNA, the assumption is that national guidelines have been adhered to. Publication in European Cytokine Network implies that materials employed in the work such as cloned DNAs, antibodies, bacterial, animal or plant cells, viruses and computer programs, will be made available to all qualified investigators.

The Editorial Board considers submission of an article to represent a firm commitment to this principle. Research involving human and animal subjects must have been approved by the author’s institutional  review board. All clinical investigation must have been conducted according to the principles expressed in the declaration of Helsinki.

For research using recombinant DNA, physical and biological containment must conform to national institutes of health guidelines or those of a corresponding agency.

Authors must make unique materials (e.g., cloned DNAs; antibodies; bacterial, animal, or plant cells; viruses; and computer programs) promptly available on request by qualified researchers for noncommercial use.

Databases, accession codes must be supplied for publication. A footnote indicating that the data have been deposited will be added to the paper.

Protein and nucleic acid sequence reports should proceed as recommended by Burks C. and Tomlinson L.J. 1989. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 86:408.

Protein and nucleic acid sequences: authors should submit 211 scripts, containing nucleotide sequences to GenBank/EMBT/DNA Data Bank of Japan (DDBJ) at GenBank, National Center for biotechnology Information, 8600 Rockville Pike, Building 38A, Room 8N-803, Bethesda, MD 20894 USA. Phone 1-301-496-2475, e-mail (submissions) gb-sub@ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, e-mail (information) info@ncbi.nlm.nih.gov. An accession number must be obtained before the manuscript is printed.

Interleukins have to be designated as recommended by the IUIS committee on interleukins: Eur. Cytokine Netw. Vol.2 N°5. 1991. pp. 309-310.


The order of presentation is. 1. Title Page (including title, authors, affiliation, keywords (up to six words), abbreviated title for running headline (less than 60 characters), address of corresponding author and fax number; 2. Abstract (less than 30 lines); 3. Introduction; 4. Methods; 5. Results; 6. (and/or) Discussion; 7. Acknowledgments; 8. References; 9. Tables, Legends and Figures as recommended below.

Footnotes should not be used. Non-standard abbreviations should be defined when first used in the manuscript.

Please use the best quality printing available, with only standard characters and one font (no bold, no italics); do not justify on the right and do not use more than 60 signs per line and 30 lines per page. Printwheel or letter-quality mode 10 would be prefered to laser printing. In any case leave space between characters (10 pitch).

Reviewing of manuscript

The Editorial Board which receives the manuscript will be responsible for selecting reviewers and making the final decision on acceptance for publication. Inappropriate manuscripts or manuscripts not conforming to the required standards of preparation, will be returned to the authors without review. Copies of manuscripts accepted for publication will not be returned to the authors.


Original drawings or photographs should be submitted on separate pages. They should be numbered as they appear in the text with consecutive arabic numerals. The figures should be supplied preferably at the correct final size, i.e. not exceeding 81 mm (1 column) in width, or for exceptionally large pictures 170 mm (2 columns). Figures should be identified on the reverse side with figure number, first author’s name and orientation.

In the event where some of the illustrations are owned by third parties, the author undertakes to obtain the necessary permissions from the latter to include the illustrations in the article and the distribution thereof in this form. Manuscript must be accompanied by written permission for publication.
These permissions are generally granted via the https://www.copyright.com website (see "Get permission" button available for each article).

The legends of the tables and figures should not appear under the artwork but be collected on a separate page.


Tables should be numbered consecutively with arabic numerals and referred to in the text. Each table (one page per table) should contain a short descriptive heading. Footnotes to the tables should be typed on the same page as the table.


References should be numbered as they appear in the text. They should be typed double spaced on a separate sheet. Each reference should list the author’s last name followed by all initials, manuscript title, name of publication, year, volume and first page number.


1. Savage CR, Inagami T, Cohen S. The primary structure of epidermal growth factors. J Biol Chem 1972 ; 247: 7616.

2. Smith KA. Interleukin-2 and its receptors: structure-activity considerations. In: Fradelizi D, Bertoglio J, Eds. Lymphokine Receptor Interaction, Paris: John Libbey Eurotext, 1989 ; 13.

Unpublished results (including submitted manuscripts) and personal communications should be cited in the body of the manuscript. Personal communications must be authorized by a letter of permission.

Conflict of interest

All authors must disclose any association that poses a conflict of interest. We recommend that they mention all funding sources supporting theirt work, including possible support by pharmaceutical companies. If none, they should state that there is no conflict of interest.


The corresponding author will receive proofs by Email : didier.fradelizi@inserm.fr (please provide an e-mail when submitting manuscript) and corrected proofs must be returned within 3 days of receipt. Author’s alterations in excess of 10% of the original composition cost will be charged to the authors.

Copyright assignment. Copyright for the published manuscript shall be assigned exclusively to the publisher.

Reprints. An order form is given with proofs.

Open Access. Authors may ask their article to be immediately and freely available online (open access); this will be charged at an extra 700 €.


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