Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 95, issue 2, février 2008


Volume 95, issue 2, février 2008

Electronic Journal of Oncology

Article The role of CYP2D6*4 variant in bladder cancer susceptibility in Tunisian patients (p.10001-4)
Slah Ouerhani, Raja Marrakchi, Rym Bouhaha, Mohamed Riadh Ben Slama, Mohamed Sfaxi, Mohsen Ayed, Mohamed Chebil, Amel Ben Ammar El Gaaied

Article Breast cancer in Tunisia in 2004 : a comparative clinical and epidemiological study (p.10005-9)
Mongi Maalej, Dalenda Hentati, Taha Messai, Lotfi Kochbati, Ahmed El May, Karima Mrad, Khaled Beb Romdhane, Mansour Ben Abdallah, Bechir Zouari


Article New diagnostic markers for malignant pleural mesothelioma (p.177-84)
Bogdan-Dragos Grigoriu, Marc Grégoire, Bachar Chahine, Arnaud Scherpereel

Article Methodological approaches of clinical studies with targeted therapies (p.185-90)
Nicolas Penel, Julia Saleron, Amélie Lansiaux, Stéphanie Clisant, Antoine Adenis, Charles Fournier, Alain Duhamel, Jacques Bonneterre

Article Thyroid cancer after Chernobyl: is iodine 131 the only culprit ? Impact on clinical practice (p.191-5)
Françoise Guiraud-Vitaux, Mouhamad Elbast, Nicole Colas-Linhart, Elif Hindie

Article Efficacy and safety of ixabepilone (BMS-247550), a novel epothilone B analogue (p.197-204)
Cristian Villanueva, Armelle Dufresne, Xavier Pivot, Erika Viel


Article Systematic review 2007 : Primary treatments of testicular germ cell tumors after radical orchydectomy (p.205-34)
Nicolas Mottet, Sophie Rousmans, Stéphane Culine

Article original

Article Evaluation of surgical resection in the locally advanced cervical carcinomas after neoadjuvant external beam radiation therapy (p.235-40)
Ahmadou Dem

Article Methylphenidate in palliative care in cancer patient : a double-blind randomised trial versus placebo (p.241-6)
Guillemette Laval, Adeline Paris

Article Qualitative assessment of the multidisciplinary tumor board in breast cancer (p.247-51)
Tan Dat Nguyen, Pascale Legrand, Isabelle Devie, Adéla Cauchois, Jean-Christophe Eymard

Article French adaptation of a mammography questionnaire (MGQ) (p.253-8)
Anne Brédart, Catherine Buron, Marianne Doz, Anne Tardivon