Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 94, supplement 6, Suppl. FMC numéro 7 : Thérapeutiques ciblées : malades sélectionnés


Volume 94, supplement 6, Suppl. FMC numéro 7 : Thérapeutiques ciblées : malades sélectionnés

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Article Thérapeutiques ciblées : malades sélectionnés (p.99)
Jacques Robert

Article What is a targeted therapy ? The view of the biologist (p.101-10)
Jacques Robert

Article Targeted therapy : what does it mean ? A physician point of view (p.111-4)
Jean-Philippe Spano

Article Molecular modelling and drug design (p.115-27)
Michel Laguerre

Article Target antigens for therapeutic antibodies in oncology: many candidates, few sucesses (p.129-36)
Nicolas Ceze, Alicia Probst, Thierry Lecomte, Marc Ohresser, Gilles Paintaud, Hervé Watier

Article Growth factors of the EGF family and their receptors (p.137-45)
Pierre Hubert

Article Targeting ErbB receptors in breast cancer (p.147-70)
Pierre Fumoleau, Mario Campone, Bruno Coudert, Françoise Mayer, Laure Favier, Emanuelle Ferrant

Article EGF receptors in colorectal cancers (p.171-6)
Jean-Philippe Spano, Stéphane Vignot

Article Targeting epidermal growth factor receptor in non-small cell lung cancer : current advances and perspectives (p.177-88)
Antoine Italiano, Benjamin Besse, David Planchard, Jean-Charles Soria

Article Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGF) in head-and-neck cancers (p.189-91)
J Bourhis, YG Tao, P Zhang, E Deutsch

Article Tumor angiogenesis (p.193-8)
Andreas Bikfalvi

Article Angiogenesis targeting in breast cancer (p.199-206)
Pierre Fumoleau, Bruno Coudert, Françoise Mayer, Nicolas Isambert, Laure Favier, Emmanuelle Ferrant

Article Angiogenesis targeting in gastro-intestinal cancers (p.207-15)
Jean-Baptiste Meric

Article Angiogenesis targeting in lung cancers (p.217-22)
David Planchard, Benjamin Besse

Article Angiogenesis targeting in renal carcinomas (p.223-6)
Damien Pouessel, Stephane Culine

Article Predictive factors of response to targeted therapies: the example of colorectal cancer (p.227-30)
Gérard Milano

Article Evaluation of tumour response to treatment with targeted therapies : standard or targeted criteria ? (p.231-9)
Yves Menu

Article Therapeutic response evaluation by nuclear functional imaging (p.241-4)
Jean-Luc Moretti, Elif Hindie, Laetitia Vercellino

Article Targeted therapies: the question of target detection and evaluation (p.245-8)
Frédérique Penault-Llorca