Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 93, issue 1, Janvier 2006


Volume 93, issue 1, Janvier 2006


Article Bientôt centenaire (p.3-4)
Philippe Jeanteur, Paul Cappelaere


En accès libre Cancer prostatique : un automne explosif (p.5-6)
Jean Bénard
Open Access


Article The frequency of cancer in France in year 2002, and trends since 1968 (p.7-11)
Catherine Hill, Françoise Doyon

Article EGFR-targeted therapies: what’s new? (p.13-8)
Stéphane Vignot, Benjamin Besse, Jean-Charles Soria, Gérard Milano, Jean-Philippe Spano

Article PI3K-AKT-mTOR pathway inhibitors (p.19-26)
Alexis Cortot, Jean-Pierre Armand, Jean-Charles Soria

Article Histone-deacetylases inhibitors: from TSA to SAHA (p.27-36)
Paul Peixoto, Amélie Lansiaux

Article Non-AIDS-defining malignancies in HIV patients: clinical features and perspectives (p.37-42)
Jean-Philippe Spano, Guislaine Carcelain, Christine Katlama, Dominique Costagliola

Article What is new in the surgical treatment of pelvic gynecologic cancers? (p.43-9)
Fabrice Narducci, Frédéric Sabban, Édith Vanlerenberghe, Anne Lesoin, Annick Chevalier, Hélène Gauthier, Sophie Taieb, Bernard Castelain, Éric Leblanc

Article Current trends in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (p.51-9)
Jean Lacau Saint-Guily, Sophie Périé

Article Recent advances in digestive oncology (pancreas excluded) (p.61-5)
Dominique Elias

Article Pancreatic cancer: what is new in 2005? (p.67-72)
Pascal Hammel

Article Update on cerebral tumors (p.73-81)
Alexandra Benouaich-Amiel, Jean-Yves Delattre

Article News of the year 2005 in sarcomas (p.83-9)
Jérôme Fayette, Pierre Méeus, Marie-Pierre Sunyach, Philippe Thiesse, Isabelle Ray Coquard, Jean-Yves Blay

Article New entities in pathological classification and new therapeutic options in renal cell carcinoma (p.91-100)
Jacques-Olivier Bay, Frédérique Penault-Llorca, Alain Ravaud, Christine Chevreau, Sylvie Négrier, Bernard Escudier

Article Treatment of multiple myeloma (p.101-6)
L Terriou, X Leleu, I Yakoub-Agha

Article Monoclonal antibodies for lymphomas and leukemias in 2005 (p.107-18)
Régis Peffault de Latour, Marie Robin, Jacques Olivier Bay

Article What’s new in geriatric oncology ? (p.119-23)
Catherine Terret, Gilles Albrand, Martine Jeanton, Philippe Courpron, Jean-Pierre Droz

Article What is new in brachytherapy ? (p.125-32)
Didier Peiffert

Article Refusing treatment: patient responsability and autonomy (p.133-7)
Daniel Oppenheim, Sarah Dauchy, Olivier Hartmann

Electronic journal of oncology

Article Epirubicin-docetaxel in advanced gastric cancer: two phase II studies as second and first line treatment (p.10001-6)
Suzanne Nguyen, Christine Rebischung, Johan Van Ongeval, Michel Flesch, Mustapha Bennamoun, Thierry André, Marc Ychou, Erik Gamelin, Elisabeth Carola, Christophe Louvet