Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 92, issue 2, Février 2005


Volume 92, issue 2, Février 2005

Electronic journal of oncology

Article Targeted cancer therapies (p.10013-8)
Jean-Yves Blay, Axel Le Cesne, Laurent Alberti, Isabelle Ray-Coquart

Article A retrospective review of 15 years of radical radiotherapy with or without concurrent cisplatin and/or 5-fluorouracil for the treatment of locally advanced cervical cancer (p.10019-24)
Mark E Borowsky, Kevin S Elliott, John C Pezzullo, Paul Santoso, Walter Choi, Kwang Choi, Ovadia Abulafia

Article Expression of class III β tubulin in non-small cell lung cancer is correlated with resistance to taxane chemotherapy (p.10025-30)
Charles Dumontet, Sylvie Isaac, Pierre-Jean Souquet, Françoise Bejui-Thivolet, Yves Pacheco, Nadine Peloux, Anthony Frankfurter, Richard Luduena, Maurice Perol


En accès libre Origine du cancer de l’estomac : cellules gastriques ou cellules médullaires ? (p.117)
François Lavelle
Open Access

En accès libre Un nouvel oncogène, Pokemon, est répresseur du supresseur de tumeur ARF (p.117)
Gilles L’Allemain
Open Access


Article Hypoxia-inducible factor 1: regulation, involvement in carcinogenesis and target for anticancer therapy (p.119-27)
Éric Clottes

Article Preclinical models of prostate cancer (p.129-41)
Karim Fizazi, Nora M Navone

Article Hormone therapy in breast cancer: the end of tamoxifen? (p.142-50)
Thierry Delozier

Article Cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy for peritoneal colorectal carcinomatosis: a newly validated standard whose contribution remains to be assessed (p.151-4)
Marc Pocard, Valérie Boige

Article original

Article Analysis of the medical activity related to cancer in a network of multidisciplinary hospitals using claims databases, the reseau Concorde Oncology Network (p.169-78)
Anne-Marie Schott, Touria Hajri, Bénédicte Gelas-Dore, Chantal Marie Couris, Sandrine Couray-Targe, Véronique Trillet-Lenoir, Bernard Dumeril, Jean Paul Grandjean, Gérard Lledo, Jean Luc Poncet, Cyrille Colin, Nicola Cautela, François Noël Gilly

Article Axillary lymphocele after axillary dissection or sampling of sentinel lymph node in breast cancer (p.179-83)
Jean-Hilaire Bijek, Jean-Sébastien Aucouturier, Virginie Doridot, Toufik Ghemari, Claude Nos

Article Role of an exclusive concomitant radio-chemotherapy treatment in non operable esophageal cancer: results of a 10-year experience in Antoine-Lacassagne Center (p.184-90)
Nicolas Magné, Éric François, Laurent Touati, Pierre-Yves Marcy, Paul Van Houtte, Jean-Léon Lagrange

Article Treatment of childhood Burkitt lymphoma according to LMB89 protocol in Casablanca (p.193-8)
Abdellah Madani, Leila Benhmiddoune, Saadia Zafad, M’hamed Harif, Asmaa Quessar, Said Benchekroun

Tribune libre

Article How to deal with non conventional therapies? (p.199-200)
Simon Schraub, Bernard Hœrni


Article Standards, Options and Recommendations for the management of ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast (DCIS) : update 2004 (p.155-68)
Groupe de travail : Bruno CUTULI (coordonnateur), Alain FOURQUET (coordonnateur associé), Elisabeth LUPORSI (méthodologiste associée), Laurent ARNOULD, Yves CARON, Patricia de CREMOUX, Jean-Marie DILHUYDY, Eric FONDRINIER, Emmanuelle FOURME, Sylvia GIARD-LEFEVRE, Magali LE BLANC-ONFROY, Claire LEMANSKI, Louis MAURIAC, Brigitte SIGAL-ZAFRANI, Anne TARDIVON, Pascale THIS, Christine TUNON DE LARA, Youri KIROVA, Nicolas FABRE