Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 92, issue 1, Janvier 2005


Volume 92, issue 1, Janvier 2005


Article The frequency of cancer in France in year 2000, and trends since 1950 (p.7-11)
Catherine Hill, Françoise Doyon

Article Regulation of telomeres length: getting access to telomeres (p.13-22)
Jean-François Riou, Dennis Gomez, Jean-Louis Mergny, Lionel Guittat, Rajaa Paterski, Benoît Chenais, Hamid Morjani, Chantal Trentesaux

Article Cell death signalling: recent advances and therapeutic application (p.23-35)
Evelyne Ségal-Bendirdjian, Charles Dudognon, Julie Mathieu, Josette Hillion, Françoise Besançon

Article Oncogenes and thyroid tumors (p.37-43)
Ludovic Lacroix, Jean Charles Soria, Jean Michel Bidart, Martin Schlumberger

Article Role of non invasive animal imaging in preclinical anticancer drug development (p.45-57)
Nicolas Guilbaud, Olivier Duchamp, Nathalie Just, Philippe Genne

Article HPV and cancer (p.59-64)
Jean-Philippe Spano, Anne-Genevieve Marcelin, Guislaine Carcelin

Article Radiofrequency in cancerology (p.65-74)
Thierry de Baere

Article Chronic myelogenous leukaemia: recent progress in biology and therapeutic strategies (p.75-82)
Ali G Turhan

Article Respiratory gated radiotherapy: the 4D radiotherapy (p.83-9)
Philippe Giraud, Luc Simon, Marie Saliou, François Reboul, Robin Garcia, Christian Carrie, Ulrike Lerolle, Jean-Claude Rosenwald, Jean-Marc Cosset

Article Perspectives in biological modulation of radiotherapy (p.90-6)
Eric Deutsch, Florence Huguet

Article Gene regulation and bioinformatics (p.97-107)
Adeline Bichet, David Polverari, Alain Malpertuy

Article European Directives for clinical research and the new french law (p.108-10)
Claude Huriet


Article Ai‐je bien lu ? (p.111-2)
Maurice Schneider

Electronic journal of oncology

Article Sequential administration of docetaxel followed by cisplatin-vindesine: a pilot study in patients with locally advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) (p.10001-6)
Olivier Rixe, Michel Gatineau, Eric Jauffret, Jean-Philippe Spano, Brigitte Orcel, Jean-Michel Vannetzel, Jocelyne Berille, Jean-Philippe Derenne, David Khayat

Article Results of a phase II trial of concurrent chemoradiation in the treatment of locally advanced carcinoma of uterine cervix: an experience from India (p.10007-12)
Elantholi P Saibishkumar, Firuza D Patel, Suresh C Sharma


Article Comprendre et expliquer, soigner et guérir (p.5-6)
Paul Cappelaere