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Bulletin du Cancer


Molecular typing of breast cancer: transcriptomics and DNA microarrays Volume 88, issue 3, Mars 2001


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Laboratoire de biologie des tumeurs Institut Paoli-Calmettes, IFR57, 13009 Marseille.

Breast cancer is the most frequent and deadly cancer of women. Its great heterogeneity makes prognosis and response to current treatments highly variable and difficult to predict. Mammary oncogenesis remains poorly understood. These issues should benefit from recent development of techniques capable of large-scale molecular analyses. The use of cDNA array techniques allows for the simultaneous analysis of the mRNA expression levels of thousands of genes in mammary tumor cell lines and breast tumors. Expression profiles will help classify tumors and provide new prognostic tools and potential therapeutic targets. They will also boost our knowledge of the molecular events responsible for the development and progression of this cancer.