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Bulletin du Cancer


Adjuvant therapy for breast cancer patients: treatment decision tree from a French cancer network Volume 89, issue 10, Octobre 2002


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Centre Léon-Bérard, 28, rue Laennec, 69373 Lyon cedex 08.

Although the benefit of adjuvant therapy has largely been demonstrated for patients with local breast cancer, therapeutic indications remain controversial. The French regional cancer network Oncora investigated the decision-making process for this disease. Based on a thorough review of the literature, the risk of relapse and the potential benefit of adjuvant treatments for each group of patients were evaluated. A consensus decision-tree was drawn in which chemotherapy is proposed only to patients in whom it is expected to decrease the risk of relapse by at least 5 %. This approach, based on a widely accepted decision-making model, makes it possible to offer all patients of the network homogeneous treatment options. However, due to the subjectivity of risk/benefit estimations, patients themselves should become more involved in the decision-making process.