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Bulletin du Cancer


Oncolor is ten years old: the age of discretion for the Lorraine network in oncology Volume 91, issue 7, Juillet - Août 2004


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Médecin, Institut Curie, 26 rue d’Ulm, 75005 Paris, ancien président d’Oncolor, Directeur, Polyclinique Gentilly, Nancy, Médecin, Centre hospitalier, Verdun, Directeur, Centre hospitalier, Sarrebourg, Médecin, responsable système d’information Oncolor, Médecin, Polyclinique Gentilly, Nancy, Médecin, responsable système d’information Oncolor, Médecin, Centre Alexis-Vautrin, Vandœuvre -lès-Nancy, Médecin, Centre hospitalier, Mont-Saint-Martin, Directeur général, Centre hospitalier régional, Metz-Thionville, Médecin, Centre hospitalier, Verdun, Directeur, Centre hospitalier, Remiremont, Pharmacien, Centre hospitalier universitaire, Nancy, Médecin, Clinique Claude-Bernard, Metz, Médecin, Centre hospitalier, Epinal, Médecin, Centre hospitalier universitaire, Nancy, nouveau président d’Oncolor, Secrétaire de coordination du réseau Oncolor, Médecin, Président de l’Union régionale des médecins libéraux de Lorraine, Médecin, Centre hospitalier régional, Metz-Thionville, P. Bey

Oncolor, network in oncology in Lorraine, was born ten years ago, from a group of professionals in the field of oncology who worked closed together with regional administrative authorities. Oncolor was created with respect of equilibrium between the different regional partners avoiding struggle for power. Oncolor was conducting different actions: recognition of hospital sites according to three levels based on technical and humans means at disposal (highly specialised sites, specialised sites, and associated sites); the definition of good practice for hospital pharmacies leading to the generalization of centralized preparation of chemotherapy under responsibility of a pharmacist; the organization of multidisciplinary practice through the written and implementation of clinical guidelines accessible on the web site of the network ( even by the patients (86 guidelines on line today); creation and access to a software to help physicians for decision called Kasimir; the formalization of multidisciplinary meetings with a common process. All these tools help physicians in their relationship with the patient. The web site was opened to professionals but also to patients in December 2001. Oncolor was also implicated in different training programs for physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other professionals. The annual budget increased from 47 000 euros in 1998 up to more than 700 000 euros in 2002. To conclude, to build a network in oncology is an exciting task. It must become more professional, keeping in mind the original objective: every patient, whatever his place of consultation is, have to benefit of the best treatment adapted to his personal situation.