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Bulletin du Cancer


Liver chemoembolization: an update Volume 96, issue 11, novembre 2009


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Département d’imagerie, Institut Gustave-Roussy, 39, rue Camille-Desmoulins, 94800 Villejuif, France

Percutaneous intraarterial techniques for treatment of liver tumors are continuously under development. New therapeutic methods are available (such as microsphere-encapsulated chemotherapy or yttrium 90 microspheres) and presently under evaluation. These methods enlarge the field of indications, i.e. in metastasis from colorectal cancer. Hepatocellular carcinoma and metastasis from neuroendocrine tumours are the main pathologies favourably responding to “conventional” chemoembolization. Thank to controlled studies and meta-analysis performed along the last ten years, curative-palliative-as well as adjuvant-indications for chemoembolization in hepatocellular carcinoma are now wellestablished.