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Bulletin du Cancer


Interest of color Doppler ultrasonography to evaluate a new anti‐angiogenic treatment with thalidomide in renal cell carcinoma Volume 91, issue 7, Juillet - Août 2004


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Unité d’échographie, Département d’imagerie Laboratoire d’imagerie du petit animal, Pavillon de recherche PR2 Unité d’immunothérapie, Institut Gustave‐Roussy, 39 rue Camille‐Desmoulins, 94805 Villejuif

Purpose: To assess the effectiveness of Doppler Ultrasonography (DUS) in evaluating the anti‐angiogenic effect of thalidomide. Materials et methods: Forty patients with metastases of cancer of the kidney were included in a phase II therapeutic trial. Twenty eight had tumor targets which could be evaluated by DUS. Before treatment, the volume was studied in 59 tumors and the vascularity in 54 tumors. During treatment, comparative DUS examinations were performed every 6 weeks. Results: Before treatment, the mean tumor volume was 41cm3, more than 10 vessels were visible in 57% of them. A correlation was noted between the size of the tumors and the degree of vascularity. A stabilisation of tumor volume correlated with a decrease in the number of vessels and an increase in vascularity preceding an increase in tumor volume were also observed. Conclusion: DUS is effective in assessing tumour size and vascularity.