Annales de Biologie Clinique

Annales de Biologie Clinique

Volume 81, issue 2, March-April 2023


Volume 81, issue 2, March-April 2023


Article Democratization of education: adaptive learning courses in laboratory medicine are now available without a subscription fee! (p.109-10)
Nader Rifai


Article Role and interest of hepcidin in iron homeostasis (p.111-24)
Julien Miozzo, Cécile Meunier, Sophie Park, Patrice Faure, Laetitia Van Noolen

Articles originaux/Original articles

Article Link beetween body mass index and semen parameters, a retrospective study from January 2015 to September 2021 (p.125-35)
Camille Pierrot, Béatrice Delepine, Pauline Lugassy

Article Prognostic value of residual disease detection in acute myeloid leukemia with normal karyotype and negative FLT3-ITD (p.136-44)
Samiha Jaddaoui, Hanaa Bencharef, Sara Addakiri, Hind Dehbi, Amal Tazzite, Mouna Lamchahab, Bouchra Oukkache

En accès libre Real-life evaluation of hypersensitive I-troponin on a point-of care analyser in an emergency unit (p.145-55)
Léo Mottin, Iliasse Idrissi Kassimy, Hélène Girot, Romain Leguillon, Luc Marie Joly, Valéry Brunel

Article Evaluation of the Sysmex UF-4000i urine analyzer as a screening test to rule out urinary tract infection and reduce urine cultures (p.156-61)
Assiya El Kettani, Samy Housbane, Fatima Wakit, Karima Arioua Mikou, Houria Belabbes, Khalid Zerouali

Article Monoclonal B-cell lymphocytosis with a non-CLL immunophenotype – Review of 34 cases (p.162-7)
Isadoral Heraud, Claire Mauduit, Camille Golfier, Béatrice Grange, Lucile Baseggio

Qualité-accréditation/Quality accreditation

Article Monitoring of heparinization in cardiac surgery with ACT: accreditation of the point-of-care test in the Bordeaux University Hospital Centre (p.168-80)
Valentin Landrieu, Marie-Christine Beauvieux, Thomas Vidal, Christine Mouton, Gladys Castaing-Mouhica, Laurent Dusseau, Eugen Stanciu, Julien Domingorena, David Roux, Julien Catel, Valérie Moreno, Nathalie Berthon, Delphine Bachellerie, Sandy Poisvert, Céline Delassasseigne

En accès libre Long-term automated Bayesian management of IQC results: The experience of the Lyon Hospitals Board hemostasis laboratory (p.181-8)
Frédéric Sobas, Émilie Jousselme, Marie-Odile Geay Baillat, Estelle Cheli, Amy Dericquebourg, Christophe Nougier
Free Access

Biologie au quotidien/Everyday practice

Article Contribution of hematology analyzers (Sysmex XN-Series) in the rapid diagnosis of malaria: case reports (p.189-97)
Pauline Pitti, Françoise Tassin, Aurore Keutgens

Article Triose phosphate isomerase deficiency: a rare erythrocyte enzymopathy with a poor prognosis (p.198-203)
Mélissa Julien, Calina Todosi, Fanny Fouyssac, Jean-François Lesesve, Delphine Gérard, Julien Perrin

Article Congenital analbuminemia associated with compound heterozygous novel nucleotide variations in a young adult with coronary thrombosis (p.204-9)
Yessine Amri, Sana Aboulkacem, Rym Dabboubi, Manel Ayoub, Oussema Lamine, Mariem Othmani, Zied Aouni, Taieb Messaoud, Chakib Mazigh

Article Placenta percreta management in a patient with a severe congenital hypofibrinogenemia (p.210-6)
Jordan Wimmer, Laurent Sattler, Agathe Herb, Mary Pontvianne, Éric Boudier, Maryse Hengen, Vincent Thuet, Olivier Feugeas, Dominique Desprez

Images en biologie/Biological pictures

Article Gigantic Flaming Cells in an IgA-MGUS patient (p.217-8)
Wei Pan, Yuguo Zhou, Jiwei Zhao, Jinlin Liu

Article AML with myelodysplasia-related changes complicating xeroderma pigmentosum (p.219-21)
Loubna Darfaoui, Salma Amrani Idrissi, Wafae Quiddi, Sanae Sayagh

Article Blastoid variant mantle cell lymphoma with aberrant expression of CD10 (p.222-3)
Benjamin Podvin, Jean-Baptiste Bossard, Christine Pucalowski, Geoffrey Bouchez