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Annales de Biologie Clinique

Annales de Biologie Clinique

Volume 79, issue 1, Janvier-Février 2021


Volume 79, issue 1, Janvier-Février 2021


Article The wishes of the SFBC President (p.5)
Vincent Sapin


Article SARS-CoV-2 and neurological disorders: the revelance of biomarkers? (p.7-16)
Edith Bigot-Corbel, Aymeric Lanore, Celia Raulet, Cécile Delorme, Jean-Philippe Azulay, Sylvain Lehmann, Jean-Louis Beaudeux, Marie-Christine Beauvieux, Vincent Sapin, Katell Peoc’h, Benoit Rucheton

Article original

Article Study of monocytic myeloid-derived suppressor cells and CD4 lymphopenia in septic shock-induced immunosuppression (p.17-27)
Louis Waeckel, Fabienne Venet, Morgane Gossez, Céline Monard, Thomas Rimmelé, Guillaume Monneret

Article Usefulness of combined sequencing of the mitochondrial genome and a targeted panel of nuclear genes involved in mitochondrial diseases (p.28-40)
Benoit Rucheton, Flavie Ader, David Goudenege, Sandrine Filaut, Laura Legrand, Adrien Bloch, Réseau MitoDiag, Véronique Fressart, Dominique Bonnefont-Rousselot, Fanny Mochel, Foudil Lamari, Pascale Richard, Vincent Procaccio, Sylvie Bannwarth

Article Platelet activation in lung cancer (p.41-8)
Amina Hammouda, Souad Souilah, Meriem Yasmine Ferhat-Hamida, Zine Charaf Amir, Souhila Aouichat Bouguerra, Ghania Hariti

Article Diagnosis and monitoring of phenylketonuria by LC-MS-MS in Morocco (p.49-55)
Faïza Meiouet, Saâd El Kabbaj, François-Guillaume Debray, François Boemer

Article Effect of obesity, age and gender on glomerular filtration rate measured in normal adults (p.57-61)
Matthieu Gallet, Clément Drouet, Alina Berriolo-Riedinger, Alexandra Nicolas, Alexandre Cochet, Jean-Marc Riedinger

Article Contribution of common CFTR variants (M470V, T854, and Q1463) to cystic fibrosis in Tunisia: haplotype analysis (p.63-8)
Malek Nefzi, Sondess Hadj Fredj, Rym Dabboubi, Samia Hamouda, Neji Tebib, Khedija Boussetta, Taieb Messaoud

Biologie au quotidien

Article Rare sideroblastic anemias: about 2 cases, review of the literature and reminder of the main etiologies (p.69-74)
Adrian Hij, Anne Sophie Meunier, Guillaume Vignon, Julien Labrousse, Pierre-Frédéric Augereau, François Carrere, Philippe Aucher, Franck Lellouche

Article Acquired hemophilia A: clinical and biological characteristics and therapeutic management of a series of eight patients hospitalized in Lariboisière and Saint-Louis hospitals (p.75-82)
Clara Noizat, Nicolas Béranger, Bérangère S. Joly, Agnès Veyradier, Alain Stepanian, Virginie Siguret, Nathalie Itzhar-Baïkian


Article A simple approach to create a common language, a necessary element for the development of a quality culture in a medical biology laboratory (p.83-7)
Henri Daniel Lathro, Benedicte Sudrié-Arnaud, Sarah Snanoudj-Verber, Abdellah Tebani, Soumeya Bekri

Images en biologie

Article Agglutination of neutrophils and loa loa microfilariae (p.88-9)
Leila Ben Dhia, Laure Macraigne, Valentine Berti, Luc Darnige

Article CD5+CD200- B-cell neoplasms deserve an extra look (p.90-1)
Jean-Baptiste Rieu, Inès Vergnolle, Lucie Oberic, Laetitia Largeaud, François Vergez

Article Mast cells (MC) excess in a bone marrow (BM) associated with lymphoplasmacytic cells (LPC) in a 55-Y-old patient with Waldenström's macroglobulinemia (WM) (p.92-3)
Marie Gentelet, Anne Demulder

Article Unusual sulfamethoxazole crystalluria: key elements for their identification (p.94-5)
Clément Capaldo, Cyril Leven, Morgane Gosselin, Hélène Kerspern

Lettres à la revue

Article Monitoring of quality indicators for detection of mycobacteria in clinical laboratories (p.96-8)
Émilie Cardot Martin, Pierre Cahen, Thomas Yung, Claudine Renaux, Marc Vasse, Lucie Limousin


Article Abstracts from the French-Speaking Days of Medical Biology (p.99-103)
Jan de Maeseneer, Marie-Christine Beauvieux, Frédéric Pamoukdjian, Jean-Claude Souberbielle

Article Reports of the Match 180 seconds from the French-speaking Days of Medical Biology (p.104-11)
Marie-Hélène Tournoys, Mathilda Bastide, Céline Delassasseigne, Quentin Despinasse, Geneviève Lacape, Damien Laurelli, Charles Lefèvre, Khadija Ouaziz, Romain Pelletier, Pablo Ruiz, Carole Poupon, Vincent Estève


Article Remerciements (p.112)