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Iliac artery stent fracture complicated by pseudoaneurysm treated by covered endoprosthesis Ahead of print


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Hôpital privé d’Antony, Pôle cardiovasculaire interventionnel, 25, rue de la Providence, 92160 Antony, France
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We report a case of a 48-year-old man with a rare complication of stent fracture and large pseudoaneurysm in the external iliac artery, after single self-expanding stent implantation seven years ago. No risk factors of stent fracture were found except the fact that the initial lesion was a chronic total occlusion needing a long (150 mm) single stent implantation in the common and external iliac artery. Our patient was successfully managed using a stent-in-stent manoeuvre by implantation of two joint covered stents.