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Sang Thrombose Vaisseaux

Sang Thrombose Vaisseaux

Volume 30, issue 1, January-February 2018


Volume 30, issue 1, January-February 2018


En accès libre Management of acute deep venous thrombosis. Fast track thrombosis (p.3-4)
Jean-Pierre Laroche, Monira Nou Howaldt, Sandrine Mestre-Godin, Boge Gudrun


Article News (p.5-7)
Jean-Michel Juliard


Article The value of screening for asymptomatic relatives of an index patient affected by symptomatic hereditary thrombophilia (p.8-20)
Florence Durr, Gilles Blaison, Emmanuel Andrès

Article Interest and value of point of care test in pre-hospital setting (p.21-5)
Kevin Husson, Nicolas Pauchet, Barbara Decoulx, Patrick Goldstein

Article The gut microbiota and cardiovascular diseases (p.26-32)
Caroline Chong-Nguyen, Henri Duboc, Harry Sokol

Cas cliniques/Clinical cases

Article Cerebral infarction on pseudo-aneurysm after previous carotid dissection (p.33-7)
Vincent Blachier, Ruben Tamazyan, Jérôme Hodel, Mathieu Zuber

Article Hepatic hydatidosis complicated by a portal cavernoma via portal venous swarming. Case report (p.38-42)
Fayçal Zerrouk, Khaled Selmani, Toufik Tabet, Halim Cherieth, Ahmed Bahouli, Afif Belabbès

Arrêts sur image/Images in cardiovascular medicine

Article Giant femoral arteriovenous malformation (p.43-4)
Tarik Abaaziz, Hamid Jiber, Abdellatif Bouarhroum

Article Dysphagia aortica: about a rare case of oesophagus compression by aneurism of aortic arch (p.45-7)
Emmylou Prisca Gabrielle Andrianah, Lova Hasina Narindra Rajaonarison Ny Ony, Christian Tomboravo, Onihariliva Fiononana Rafararison, Sylvie Blangy, Ahmad Ahmad