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Magnesium Research

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Magnesium Research

Volume 16, issue 1, March 2003


Volume 16, issue 1, March 2003


En accès libre Editorial (p.5-6)
Jean Durlach


En accès libre High fructose feeding of magnesium deficient rats is associated with increased plasma triglyceride concentration and increased oxidative stress (p.7-12)
Jérôme Busserolles, Elyett Gueux, Edmond Rock, Andrzej Mazur and Yves Rayssiguier


En accès libre Effect of magnesium supplementation on oxidative stress in alloxanic diabetic rats (p.13-9)
Chetan P. Hans, Dharam P. Chaudhary, Devi D. Bansal

En accès libre Magnesium deficiency reveals the neurotoxicity of Δ‐9‐tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) low doses in rats (p.21-8)
P. Bac, N. Pages, C. Herrenknecht, P. Maurois, J. Durlach

En accès libre Comparison of a short irradiation (50 sec) by different wavelengths on audiogenic seizures in magnesium‐deficient mice: Evidence for a preventive neuroprotective effect of yellow (p.29-34)
N. Pages, P. Bac, P. Maurois, J. Durlach, C. Agrapart

En accès libre Physiological importance of the connective tissue in the human amnion. Role of magnesium (p.35-42)
Michel Bara, Philippe Moretto, Jean Durlach, Andrée Guiet‐Bara

En accès libre Structural alterations of the vascular wall in magnesium‐deficient mice. A possible role of gelatinases A (MMP‐2) and B (MMP‐9) (p.43-8)
N. Pagès, B. Gogly, G. Godeau, S. Igondjo‐Tchen, P. Maurois, J. Durlach, P. Bac

En accès libre Effect of magnesium on granulocyte function and on the exercise induced inflammatory response (p.49-58)
F. C. Mooren, S.W. Golf, and K. Völker

En accès libre Marfan syndrome, magnesium status and medical prevention of cardiovascular complications by hemodynamic treatments and antisense gene therapy (p.59-64)
S. Igondjo‐Tchen, N. Pagès, P. Bac, G. Godeau, J. Durlach

En accès libre Intravenous magnesium sulphate in acute myocardial infarction ‐‐  Is the answer "MAGIC"¿ (p.65-9)
Ronald Smetana, H. Georg Sthlinger, Katharina Kiss, Dietmar H. Glogar

En accès libre Magnesium and connective tissue (p.70-4)
Karim Senni, Alexandrine Foucault‐Bertaud, Gaston Godeau


En accès libre J. Elementol. 2002  7(1 and 2) (p.75-8)

En accès libre J. Jap. Soc. for Mg Res. 2001  20 (1 and 2) (p.79-81)