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Magnesium and connective tissue Volume 16, issue 1, March 2003


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Laboratory of Physiopathology on non‐Mineralized Tissue. Faculty of dental surgery, University René Descartes Paris V, 1 rue Maurice Arnoux, Montrouge, 92120 France; IFREMER DRV\VP\BMM centre de Brest, BP 70, 29280 Plouzane, France
  • Page(s) : 70-4
  • Published in: 2003

Magnesium (Mg 2+) is the fourth most abundant cation and the second most abundant intracellular cation in vertebrates. Magnesium plays a critical role in cellular functions such as: ‐‐ Cell adhesion via integrins on various macromolecular substrats. ‐‐ Cell migration ‐‐ DNA transcription and protein synthesis