Varicella: a new archetype in vaccine sociology Volume 14, issue 2, Février 2018


LabEx Ecofect (Dynamique éco-évolutive des maladies infectieuse), Campus LyonTech la Doua, Bâtiment l’Atrium, 43 boulevard du 11 novembre 1918, 69622 Villeurbanne Cedex
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They have become a classic and conflicting issue between patients, doctors and ministerial authorities, vaccinations have always been opposed by ministerial dogmatism to the obscurantism of anti-vaccine sects. This trivial opposition generated communication errors which ended up discrediting several vaccines in Pasteur's country. The choice to extend the obligation to eleven vaccines is the solution to try to correct these past errors. These obligations have surprised most of our colleagues and lead us to reflect on the three risks of this authoritarianism: the risk of a vaccine inflation knowing that there are currently about three hundred vaccines being tested. The risk of an increase in vaccine defiance even for essential vaccines, and last but not least, the evolutionary risk of a health aggravation, by taking here the sole example of vaccination against chickenpox.

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