Médecine is a medical publication dealing with all aspects of primary care practice and not just prescription.
The journal Médecine supports a patient-centered medicine and Evidence Based Medicine (EBM). It provides its readers rationally-argued discussions about all aspects of their practice, including health products and therapeutic strategies or contextual factors affecting the doctor-patient relationship.
Médecine, editorial excellence guarantee
Written for physicians by practicing physicians, Médecine is an essential tool for all primary care providers, especially GPs.
It gets an interdisciplinary editorial Board ensuring the quality of the articles published through the peer-reviewing manuscripts.
Médecine, the answer to high standards and needs of the Education


Issues per year: 10

ISSN: 1777-2044

ISSN (online): 1952-4196

Editor: Yves Le Noc, Francis Abramovici, Eric Galam

Published in: French

Keywords: General Medicine, Primary medical care

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