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Respiratory health of dust-exposed cement carriers in Haut-Katanga province, D.R. Congo Volume 18, issue 6, November-December 2019

1 Institut supérieur des techniques médicales de Lubumbashi (ISTM-Lubumbashi)
Département de la recherche
Route Kasapa
BP4748 Lubumbashi
République Démocratique du Congo
2 Université de Kamina
Département de santé publique
Unité de toxicologie
Mulangu 11
BP279 Kamina
République Démocratique du Congo
3 School of Medecine and Graduate School of Public Health
Department of Public Health
4 Université de Lubumbashi
Faculté de médecine
Département de Pédiatrie
Route Kasapa
BP1825 Lubumbashi
République Démocratique du Congo
5 Université de Lubumbashi
École de santé publique
République Démocratique du Congo
6 University of Lausanne and Geneva
Institute for Work and Health
Service of Occupational Medicine
CH-1066 Epalinges-Lausanne
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There are no private or state-owned cement plants in the province of Haut-Katanga. Cement used in this province comes from neighboring countries. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of respiratory symptoms and assess respiratory function among cement transport workers in Haut-Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

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