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Epileptic Disorders

The Educational Journal of the

Volume 16, special issue 1, October 2014

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En accès libre Prolonged Epileptic Disorders : Identification and Rescue Treatment Strategies - Full PDF (p.1)
Alexis Arzimanoglou, Thomas Bast, Jaume Campistol, Richard Chin, Aristea Galanopoulou, Lieven Legae
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Workshop participants

En accès libre Experts Ped Meeting October 9th-12th 2013 Château de Faverge, Lyon, France (p.)

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En accès libre Understanding the mechanisms, identifying and treating prolonged epileptic seizures (p.1)
Alexis Arzimanoglou, Lieven Lagae
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Prolonged Epileptic Seizures: identification and treatment

En accès libre Setting the scene: definition of prolonged seizures, acute repetitive seizures, and status epilepticus. Do we know why seizures stop? (p.2-5)
J. Helen Cross
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En accès libre What are the effects of prolonged seizures in the brain? (p.6-11)
Rod C Scott
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En accès libre What is more harmful, seizures or epileptic EEG abnormalities? Is there any clinical data? (p.12-22)
Gregory L. Holmes
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En accès libre Prolonged seizures: what are the mechanisms that predispose or cease to be protective? A review of animal data (p.23-36)
Rüdiger Köhling
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En accès libre Outcome of status epilepticus. What do we learn from animal data? (p.37-43)
Stéphane Auvin, Nina Dupuis
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En accès libre Overview of clinical efficacy and risk data of benzodiazepines for prolonged seizures (p.44-9)
Lieven Lagae
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En accès libre What are the best ways to deliver benzodiazepines in children/patients with prolonged convulsive seizures? (p.50-8)
Richard FM Chin
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En accès libre Developmental pharmacology of benzodiazepines under normal and pathological conditions (p.59-68)
Meaghan K. McGoldrick, Aristea S. Galanopoulou
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En accès libre Treating acute seizures with benzodiazepines: does seizure duration matter? (p.69-83)
David E. Naylor
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En accès libre Are febrile seizures an indication for intermittent benzodiazepine treatment, and if so, in which cases? (p.84-8)
Peter Camfield, Carol Camfield
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En accès libre Syndromes at risk of status epilepticus in children: genetic and pathophysiological issues (p.89-95)
Bernd A. Neubauer, Andreas Hahn
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En accès libre Syndromes with very low risk of acute prolonged seizures (p.96-102)
Thomas Bast
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En accès libre Is there a need for further trials for the treatment of prolonged seizures? (p.103-7)
John M. Pellock, Syndi Seinfeld
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